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Fond du lac Bago Barge & Beach Bash 2023
Lake Winnebago in Front of Roosevelt Park

Sept 3rd  2pm - 5:30pm 

This year we will have the barge at the Fond du Lac Bago Barge & Beach Bash on Lake Winnebago at Roosevelt Park. We will have Paper City Trio Band.  This year's sponsors are Mercury Racing5G Benefits & Insurance,  I can not thank your sponsors enough. Without them, there is no event.  So please keep these events going by taking out some time and thanking them!

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Bago Barge and Beach Bash
Bago Barge and Beach Bash
Bago Barge and Beach Bash
bago barge & beach Bash Boat parking
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Special thanks to Hexco Motorsports for providing an 18ft pontoon to move the band from shore to the barge.
See the parking map above - We will be doing our best to keep boat parking wrapped around the barge. Please make sure that the swimming area is left open. You will be ticketed by the Sheriff if you are anchored in this location. It also allows us room for any emergencies that might arise.
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